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3 Tips for Comparing Moving Quotes & Helpful Info

- Are you comparing apples to apples?



We realize that comparing moving quotes from different movers can sometimes be overwhelming so we wanted to give you a few pointers to assist you during the process.

1. Make sure you are comparing “Apples to Apples”.

Not all companies use the same method for calculating their quotes, which can make it very confusing when trying to compare the quotes you receive. The different ways that companies may charge are by the hour, by weight, or by the piece.

2. Make sure that you receive your quote in writing.

It is ok to get information and quotes over the phone as long as it is followed up with an email of the quote.

3. Make sure that each quote consists of all the details of your move including the items you are moving.

It is very easy to look at the only the prices at the bottom of the quotes and base it on that alone, but BE CAREFUL. Anything that is included in your move should be listed on the estimate including the detailed inventory, packing of boxes, stairs etc. If it is not listed on your quote, then it is not accounted for in the price and your price may go up the day of the move. So, make sure EVERYTHING is listed on the quotes you are comparing.

These are just some quick pointers to help you navigate through the process of finding a moving service. If you have any questions or concerns about the quote you received from our company or any other company, we will be more than happy to help clarify any items and translate any “Moving Language”. Give us a call anytime!

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