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8 Time & Money Savers


1. Break down bedroom furniture.

     - removing all attached screws, nuts and bolts prior to the mover's arrival will ensure the pad-wrapping process goes quickly. Sometimes, the way our movers load the trucks, 1 bedroom set that needs to be broken down can delay the load time by half an hr or more. The more prepared the better ;)

2. Disconnect wires.

     - wires are somewhat of a normal thing to overlook, because they seem simple to manage. But, when untamed they can cause unnecessary trips and snatches that heighten the risk of damage to what they're connected to. We recommend small bungee cords. A bag of rubber bands also goes a long way!

3. Remove all breakables from fridge's and drawers.

     - FRM wants to make sure that all of your items are well taken care of. Removing your valuables beforehand, ensures their utmost safety.

4. Remove All wall items.

     - Sometimes, wall items have a bigger challenge hiding behind them than what meets the eye. Taking down tv's, mirrors, paintings, pictures and any other wall items before our movers arrive will also add to the speediness of the move.

5. Stage and label all boxes and containers.

     - Staging the boxes allows the mover to access them quickly and transport them directly to the truck. Labeling, gives the moving process an expeditious unloading time by allowing the crew to deliver the boxes to the right place the first time; saving you additional time during your unpacking process later.

6. Disconnect All Appliances.

     - Disconnecting the washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc. and any other major appliances hours before the movers arrive, will guarantee our movers can get your valuable items padded, wrapped and carefully moved to the truck safely.

7. Be ready a day before.

     - Going over this checklist the night before your move will undoubtedly turn what could be a stressful day into a joyous transition!

8. Relax and let us do all the work!

     - We understand that it's not always easy to let others touch your valuables, but we are professionals with 10 yrs strong of 5-star service! Plus, we enjoy doing the hard work and want your day to be as effortless as possible!



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- the FRM Team