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HOW TO: Pack Like A Pro

****** FIRE RESCUE Moving: Packing Like A Pro! ******


- Good Day! Here are some useful tidbits to help save you from the headaches and hassles that can come with packing! Feel free to use and share!


  • Use small boxes for heavy items and vice versa. 

  • Speaking of small boxes, liquor stores throw them out daily. 

  • Keep ziploc bags handy

  • LABEL! LABEL! LABEL! (Make a color system)

  • Set aside a box or two for quick access items that you'll need asap at the next location. Mark with red tape or marker.

  • Cover loose lids on perishable items (from kitchen to toiletries) w/ saran wrap. 

  • Pack dishes vertically. Use soft packing to stuff in between. 

  • Use PACKING tape.. < this is grossly underrated!

  • Fortify heavy boxes at corners w/ extra tape. 

  • LABEL! LABEL! LABEL! (Make room numbers)

  • Don’t pack something you want to get rid of soon. 

  • Set aside boxes for donations and do a spring cleaning before you even move! 

  • Take pictures of cables and where they're plugged into on the electronic devices (TVs, sound systems, game/streaming consoles, etc.) for easy re-installation. 

  • Tape cords and hardware to the items they go to. 

  • For most clothes, linen and other soft materials, use heavy-duty trash bags over boxes. These help with stability in the truck. 

  • LABEL! LABEL! LABEL! (even label the small bags that small things go in! Those can be the most frustrating to search for later! Then Label the box. This alone, we'll alleviate 80% of moving frustrations and issues! Yes, we made that number up.. It's a pretty accurate rough estimate though :))

  • BE excited! Sometimes it's that simple.



Thanks for reading.. We are certain that implementing just a few of these things will help you and your movers get the job knocked out as smooth and seamless as possible! Take care.. until next time, #bemoved !




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