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We know that your big Moving Day is on the horizon and now that you know the day, it has to happen! Yay, right?! It’s time to find the right moving company and we're glad you've come to check us out. Your moving company has to be reliable, speedy and affordable. You deserve the highest quality service at the best possible price which you can rely on to make your Moving Day go as smoothly as possible. For residential and commercial moves in and out of the metroplex, our Fire Rescue Moving Services have just the right movers for you. Each of our movers are closely vetted when they’re hired and rigorously trained to match our consistently high standard of service.



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Our staff is also licensed and fully insured. Each of our moving crews show up to every new job punctual, professional and ready to move with a courteous, hardworking attitude. We want to be certain your Moving Day has as few surprise obstacles as possible. Our extensive collection of moving services provide a wide array of options to make certain your move is in the hands of professionals with which you are most comfortable.

If all you want is a team of movers to load and unload your furniture or antiques from one space to another, we provide that. If you want all of your belongings, valuables, furniture and boxes moved safely across the city, we provide that too! If you want professional packers and movers to come in and pack up your home office, then load up any expensive items or equipment and move it all to your new location, we've got you covered.

** We ensure the safe and secure relocation of your items, from packing to wrapping to well-fitted packing so that your belongings are at minimal risk while they are being transported. **

Big moves or small moves, your Moving Day can easily become one of the most stressful days you will deal with all year long. By hiring Fire Rescue Moving for your move, you are ensuring that the best Fort Worth fireman moving company is assisting you. And because most of our movers are also firefighters, we know the roads and highways extremely well and take safety precautions very seriously. We have the movers who care and who you will enjoy having around! We are your 911 for moving and delivery!

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making it easy for you..

Below you will find a list of our services and the details that follow each. Our prime goal is to make your moving day as seamless and care-free as possible! Use the info below as a summary of our services, yet keep in mind we offer a great deal more as well! Speaking of making it easy for you, if you're already decided & want to know more, give us a call!! 817.350.0263



Residential Moves

Moving into your new house marks a huge milestone in your life. Frankly, so does organizing and coordinating a move of that size. That’s why when you come to need residential moving services by professional house movers in Fort Worth or around the DFW metro, just call Fire Rescue Moving and Delivery. Our professional movers are licensed and experienced in handling a wide range of challenges which commonly pop up during a big move.

With the experience and training we administer to our moving crew members, we have tons of moving tips to make the process smoother on both your end and our own! From the best way to wrap valuables or fragile items to performing a final sweep for any forgotten or last minute item, we provide a secure moving experience from start to finish.

Though Fire Rescue provides moving services for commercial purposes too, we excel in residential moves! Whether it’s to or from a house or apartment, we are happy to assist you today! We are the residential moving company you can rely on from start to finish. We only hire the best movers who have been fully vetted and know how to be friendly, courteous and professional at every job.

Moving into a new home can be highly stressful not only from everything involved in a move, but also the emotional toll it can take. Don’t let your home move overwhelm you! Call Fire Rescue Moving and Delivery

Other moving services we provide to assist you in your big moving day include:

  • Apartment Moving
  • Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly
  • Organ & Piano Moving
  • Same Day Moving
  • In-Home Moving
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Storage Unit Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Business Moving
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Corporate Relocating

We offer these services for any size home! Our team of professional movers perform high quality relocation services, no matter how big or small the project may be. Our residential moving services for Fort Worth are performed by the professional house movers at Fire Rescue Moving and Delivery. As the local, licensed movers of the DFW metro, we will happily get to work for you as soon as you contact us.



Commercial Moves

Commercial moving can pose one of the largest obstacles a company can face. The efficiency, safety, and affordability involved in moving your technology, equipment and personnel is a critical concern. For a safe, affordable, stress free move, call the Fort Worth commercial movers at Fire Rescue Moving Service. Our DFW business moving company will manage and coordinate your entire move. A move as large as what a commercial business requires involves delicate handling and sure hands to remove office furniture, appliances and more. Our professional movers are individually carefully vetted, proving capable and reliable in handling delicate equipment and sophisticated computer networks. You can be sure you won’t miss a single day of work more than necessary when you call on Fire Rescue Moving and Delivery professionals!

Business & Commercial Moving Services

We can tackle all of your commercial moving needs, from office to industrial! Here are a few examples of commercial moving services we can supply:

  • Relocate files & records
  • Move equipment safely
  • Storage & Asset Management
  • Relocating Servers
  • Moving Laboratory equipment
  • And More!

Relocating delicate equipment for every type of moving project, large or small, is within our expertise. Whether you are moving from growing, downsizing, or simply relocating, the innovative team management our movers employ will have your valuables transported quickly and safely. Our firefighter movers provide high quality moving services for every client.

Large & Delicate Moves

Fire Rescue Moving and Delivery is a fully insured and licensed commercial moving company, providing the Dallas / Fort Worth area with excellence to ensure your moving day ends on a high note. No matter how extensive your inventory is, our movers will skillfully and professionally handle your items in a timely manner and with the expediency every institution or business deserves.

Don’t waste your time or money on inexperienced movers! Call a business moving company you can trust! At Fire Rescue Moving and Delivery, our commercial movers provide Fort Worth with detail-oriented loading and unloading services. Call our licensed movers today to discuss what special services you need and to get a free, no-obligation estimate. New clients and repeat clients are always welcome and treated with the same professionalism and respect every time.


Full service

Full Service Moving & Unpacking

Let’s face it; no matter how much of a professional you are, when you are making a big move, you have your mind on a hundred different things. Packing and unpacking are just a few of these things and although they are highly important items to get done, they can easily fall by the wayside under the pressure of the rest of your To-Do list building up. That’s why Fire Rescue Moving and Delivery provides full service moving and unpacking services in Fort Worth.

Before a huge move, unpacking can seem like the easiest part of moving, but that can easily change once you are facing stacks and stacks of boxes and clusters of appliances and furniture alone. Moving all of your valuables, belongings, or equipment can be done in one day but frequently, unpacking can take you weeks to finish.

Getting back to regular life after a move can be difficult if you can never find what you need because everything is still boxed up! If you can’t afford to take off extra time or put off work for another day or two, then Fire Moving unpacking services are definitely for you. Trying to complete your unpacking while still maintaining a business or care for a family is an extremely difficult challenge to take on and often makes unpacking last weeks. Our professional moving specialists provide full service moving with trained expertise. We can handle your largest boxes and furniture as well as your fragile antiques and valuable china. Our professional packing services and unpacking services will make certain that your every belonging is transported safely to your new home or business location.

Packing Services

We provide every type of packing service you could need!

  • Unpacking – Even when you have moving specialists doing the heavy lifting, moving can be an exhaustive undertaking. We can assist you in not only the hard labor, but also in finishing up the job! We provide full unpacking services so that you can be finished with your move in a matter of hours instead of days!
  • Partial Packing – If you have started in on your packing but realize you may not be ready by your moving date or you simply would like a helping hand, our movers double as packers, too! We will pack up your attic, basement, and any other portion of your home or office you need. We will even pack up the last minute items you, of course, have to leave out for the last night in your old home.
  • Full Packing – Whether you do not have the time or inclination towards packing, you don’t have to worry about it with the help of Fire Rescue Moving Service! Our team of licensed movers are experienced in safe, practical packing techniques so we can accommodate your time table while ensuring the safety of your valuables.

Find your full service moving and unpacking services in Fort Worth by professionals at Fire Rescue Moving and Delivery.



Who we are!

Finding local movers you can trust your belongings and furniture with can be extremely difficult, especially when you want the quality service you have paid for. But who do you trust more than your local firemen? All of our licensed movers and packers are off-duty firemen who double as professional movers on our days off. In both professions, our firemen have been trained to work as a cohesive team, both in emergency situations and on a moving job!

Find out what it is about us at Fire Rescue Moving Service in Fort Worth / Dallas which makes our moving company the one you can count on for every move. 

Licensed Fireman Movers

Our firefighter moving company has been in business over 8 years. As dependable professionals, our firemen movers are fully licensed and insured. Every member of our moving team has undergone a rigorous hiring process to ensure your personal possessions or business property is relocated safely, soundly, without damage and without loss. We take every job very seriously. Your moving crew will arrive on time, in uniform, well groomed and eager to serve.

We take pride in the customer satisfaction we grant you, and being the known moving solution for DFW relocations! 

Our affordable and punctual services are only the icing on the cake! Our experienced moving crew can assist you in every aspect of your move, from packing tips – and packing services! – to moving and rearranging furniture after it has been unloaded. We service residential moves, commercial moves, moving offices and storage units. Our same day moving services and local move services are sure to leave you with the confidence in the superior quality movers you hired.

Premiere Moving Services

Our talented team of firemen movers have built our reputation on prompt attention and performing the hard labor involved in a move while making certain the condition of your furniture, fragile items and personal belongings remain the same from start to finish! Our transportation precautions and loading techniques keep gravity from getting the better of your items.

Our trained and dedicated moving specialists attend to every detail, including shrink wrapping, padding and even packing for you! Whether your belongings are valuable antiques or priceless sentimental items, our full service firefighter moving company will provide the best moving service in the DFW for you!

Call  to learn more about us at Fire Rescue Moving Service in Fort Worth and to make an appointment with our firefighter moving company! As the movers who care the most, you can rely on our premier services and prompt professionalism!



Send your message to one of our moving advisers and we will happily provide any tips about how to be ready for the arrival of your moving crew. WE CAN ALSO DISCUSS any extra services we provide – including LOGISTICS, packing & furniture (DIS)assembly, TO NAME A FEW!


Any business inquiries or general information we can assist with are also welcomed. If you are still unsure and maybe just need to chat with us to feel us out, don't hesitate to send us a message as well!